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What is a Celebration Sunday and Why is there no Sunday School?

Every so often at our church, there will be a week with no Sunday School. We call these “Celebration Sundays.” Sometimes they are a holiday celebration like Easter or Christmas, but often, at least once a month, they are just quiet day where families get to arrive at church a little later than usual. Our hardworking Sunday School volunteers also get a break and a chance to come back to work refreshed.

The idea of Celebration Sundays originated when we used to have Sunday School simultaneously with church service. Back then, there were no opportunities for our children and Youth to experience what a church service is like. In the spirit of welcoming children to be part of the whole church body, just like Jesus welcomed the little children into His ministry, the Sunday School team decided we should take a day off, at least once a month, to have the children join the service.

During the Celebration Sunday service, there is always a special children’s moment, where the children are called up to the front to hear a story or join in a song.  We try to make sure they feel welcome and included while at the same time showing how we, as adults, enjoy a church service. Celebration Sundays are also a day where we take time to rejoice over what is happening with our community and share stories of success. We want our children to be there and hear the stories–how else are they to see the church, not as a building, but as a big family of believers?

For more information on what days are “Celebration Sundays” check out the calendar here: Sunday School Calendar

For information on how you can help make children feel welcome in the service, feel free to Contact Us.