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Just in time for McLaurin Baptist Church’s unveiling of the brand new Sunday School Wing comes a refreshing upgrade to the check-in system. Using the latest in safety technology, this check in system allows parents to set up online profiles for their families from the comfort of their own homes. Where parents used to scramble to find their child’s name on a paper sheet and fumble for a pen to sign them in and out, now with this new easier system, parents can check their children in simply by inputting their phone number and clicking their child’s profile. I, for one am REALLY excited to see this sign-in implemented!

Here are my top 10 reasons why this new check in system is worth checking out!
1. Easy online registration anywhere Internet access is available
2. Instant alerts via text message if your child needs you
3. Environmentally friendly – no more need for multiple paper forms
4. Speedy one-stop sign in for ALL your children
5. Fast and safe identification labels for parents and young children like Wiggly Squigglies
6. Allergy Info gets a special highlight for staff
7. Special features like “note section” help staff stay current on your child’s needs
8. E-mail capabilities keep you updated on the latest Sunday School events
9. Parent maintained account means you can edit your information and changes to stay current
10. Amazing forms and data help Sunday School staff plan for future years!