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What is Plan to Protect?

Plan to Protect is an Online Training Course that will teach you everything you need to know to prevent abuse and protect the children in  your care. For more information on the program, click here.

*For those uncomfortable learning about abuse and the protections necessary, the church office may offer an alternative to the Plan to Protect Program.

Returning staff may register for the online REFRESHER COURSE — a shorter version of the videos and quizzes


How Do I Complete Plan to Protect?

Option 1: Paper and Pen

Get a paper version at the church office. Read the information and fill out the multiple-choice quizzes at the end. Submit your answers to the church office. You will then be graded, and, if you pass the quizzes, you are certified! If you do not pass, you may take the quizzes again.

Option 2: Computer

Register for the online course at office@homewardjourney.ca. Ask to be added to the Plan to Protect Online Program. You’ll receive a link, username, and password that takes to you instructional videos. View the videos and take the online quizzes. Once you’ve passed the quizzes, you are certified. You may take the quizzes as many times as necessary to pass them.

Option 3: Attend a One-Time Course Seminar

Occasionally, McLaurin will host a one-day Plan to Protect training free seminar. By attending the seminar, you learn all the material you need to know and become certified. Check the church office for possible available dates.