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Youth Group

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What is Youth Group Like?

We rotate through a variety of events to keep things interesting.

All events are intended to be fun but some are also planned to stretch and grow you.

Rotations change weekly and usually occur once a month. They may include the following:

 super fun night It is just that, fun! It is a great event to bring new friends to. It will always include a 15 minute lesson about God.


These nights are just as fun as fun nights. However, the events require that the youth work together to succeed. We believe this fosters bonding between each other.

outreach These nights are designed to stretch our youth by going to the local neighborhood to serve. Examples might include: Rake n’ Run (raking lawns in the fall), Food Bank Collection Night, Downtown Homeless Ministry etc.

 This night we focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to teach our youth that worship does not have to be limited to songs and corporate worship but can be expressed in a variety of methods.

Other Events

Throughout the year there are bigger events that may include:

  • Youth Conferences (DTP)
  • Retreats
  • Mission Trips
  • All-night Events

And so much more!

Staff Expectations

Youth Group runs a volunteer-based program. All volunteers must meet the standards of Plan to Protect, a policy/program that exists to protect our children and workers. Anyone over 18 wishing to volunteer with children 0-18 years must submit an initial application and reference form and have a current Criminal Record Check (RCMP) and Intervention Check (AB Children and Youth Services) before they begin volunteering. Those under 18 must complete Plan to Protect Online Training or an appropriate equivalent before they begin volunteering.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, click the icon: volunteer icon